Salman's Radhe to come on OTT ?

Salman’s Radhe to come on OTT ?


Massive Speculation in the film industry about Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’s OTT Release

Will Radhe see the cinemas first?

We all know about the unreal hype of Bollywood Megastar Salman Khan’s upcoming release. However, the film will never release directly on OTT.

The makers have not confirmed the actual release date but are very firm on the film’s theatrical release.

After a 4 to 5 weeks run in theatres, Radhe would release on ZEE 5 with pay per view scheme where people would pay to watch it online.

Salman Khan’s recent films have not performed as per his usual box office gold standard but even then his flop films have grossed in the range of 180 crores, 200 crores whereas this would be declared blockbuster if some other actor had featured.

So Bhai fans can now chill in peace. Radhe will only release in theatres first.

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