Cost of Living in Dubai 2021 (for students) |

Cost of Living in Dubai 2021 (for students)

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Students are now eyeing Dubai as their dream destination for education considering its hassle free visa process and proximity to India.

I have already shot a lot of videos on lifestyle of students in Dubai you may check it out on my YouTube channel.

Video on Nishit Shaw’s YouTube channel
  1. Rent

Expect the rent to vary from 700 AED to 5000 AED considering various setups like room, bed-spaces or apartments.

  • Public Transport and cab

Bus Fares vary from 3 aed to 15aed depending on the distance. Cabs are expensive but you save a lot of money. A NOL Card could be your best friend in Dubai. There are student versions of this card too.

  • Grocery

Watching the video would be a great idea. But checking out online stores of Lulu, Union Coop, Carrefour etc could be of great help to you. Expect to spend around 300 AED to 1500 AED per month depending on the kind of meals you enjoy.

  • Entertainment and re-creation

Expect movie tickets (the cheapest ones) to cost you around 50 AED and entry to sightseeing spots and amusement parks could range from 70 to 150 AED.

Watching the video is highly advised.

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